Vision & Mission

Mission Statement

Recognizing that the "Leaders of Tomorrow Attend Fair Lawn Schools Today," it is the mission of Fair Lawn High School to afford each student the opportunity to learn, to achieve success and to become a confident and productive member of a global and technological society prepared to face the challenges of the 21st century.

  • We believe that a major purpose of an education is to cultivate in each student a sense of wonder in the life-long process of learning.

  • We believe that our school provides a learning environment that is student-centered, and supports the interaction of students, parents, professional staff, and the community.

  • We believe that teachers must be empowered to develop and deliver high quality instruction, nurture students’ special talents and abilities, and respond to the needs of each individual.

  • We believe that the optimal environment is one in which students feel free to challenge themselves and have opportunities to take initiative, to articulate clearly and imaginatively, to be creative, and to learn from their inquiry and experience.

  • We believe that an education which provides for the intellectual, aesthetic, physical, cultural, technological and social development of young people leads to their becoming productive and humane citizens who demonstrate self-discipline, responsibility and respect for others.

  • We believe that education provides students with opportunities to access knowledge, ensuring competence and confidence in responding to the challenges of the future.