Library Behavior

Expected Library Behavior

Although our library is not a quiet one, your behavior should not disturb other people who are working around you. Keep your conversations limited to the others sitting at your own table. Talk in quiet voices.

Because the library has limited space, it’s very important that we keep the aisles clear so that everyone can walk around the library safely. Please do not move chairs from table to table, unless you’ve been specifically asked by a librarian to do so. Please push in your chairs when you get up so that people can walk through the aisles. And please, make sure that your backpacks are always on top of the table or under the table, and not laying on the floor in any place where people need to walk.

Please do not eat in the library, and don’t bring in any drinks except water in bottles. No drinks, even water in bottles, should ever be brought to the computer area. Any bottles or cans should be thrown away, when finished, in the blue recycling bin next to the library door, which is only for bottles, cans, and plastic.