Multilingual Learners (ML)

The ML program at FLHS plays a major role in helping students acquire the English language to become members of the larger English speaking community. Although American culture is a key component of the program, the ML classroom also celebrates the cultures and diversity of its student population, valuing the contributions of other cultures to modern world. All students are assured a high quality English linguistic learning experience based on the six language skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, critical thinking (based on Bloom’s Taxonomy), learning strategies and culture. The goal of the curriculum is to provide the students with the skills necessary to transition successfully into the mainstream classroom.

FLHS - ML Course Descriptions

ML Course Prerequisites   |  English  Hebrew  |  Russian  |  Spanish  |

If you have any questions regarding the Multilingual Learning program please contact:

Mrs. Liliana Lopez, Supervisor of World Languages, Multilingual Learners and Music
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