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Ms. Cerasani

General Music & Band

Welcome to Warren Point Music!

In our program, your child will learn the foundations of music and self-expression in a welcoming, fun environment.

Our curriculum features:

  • A song-based learning approach (Kodaly and Orff methods): through singing, playing instruments, moving, chanting, circle dances and music games, the students are learning about rhythm, pitch, vocal expression and more.

  • A mixture of class learning and performance experiences.

  • Use of world music; music of diverse genres, periods and styles

  • Multi-sensory approach to music learning

Some Musical Concepts Presented (focused by grade level):

Kindergarten: steady beat; matching pitch; high/low; quiet/loud

First Grade: basic rhythmic and melodic patterns; long/short sounds

Second Grade: instruments of the orchestra; pitch; tone color; rhythmic patterns

Third Grade: playing the recorder, reading notation on the staff

Fourth Grade: complex rhythmic patterns, partner singing, rounds, harmony, self-expression

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Winter Concert Music!

Click the grade name below to practice the music for the Winter Concert.

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