Class News

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We are very busy first grader
s!  Here is what we're working on:

We are very excited to be dramatizing our characters.  We are learning how to bring our characters to life by stepping into their shoes and acting just like them!  We will study dialogue tags and read accurately and smoothly like a storyteller.
In Writing, we will be exploring how to improve our writing by studying a mentor author: Kevin Henkes.  We will look closely at the crafting techniques he uses in his books to make our small moment stories even better.  
In unit 6 of Math, we will work towards fluency with addition facts within 20 using the near-doubles and making-10 strategies.   We will also explore telling time using the hour hand only.  To extend our understanding of equivalence, we will use addition and subtraction facts to complete name collection boxes.  Lastly, we will apply our place value knowledge to make exchanges between pennies, dimes, and dollars.
In Science, we are studying the Earth, Sun, and Moon.  We will observe the Sun and Moon to understand and describe their predictable patterns.  These patterns include day and night, shadows, moon phases, movement of constellations, and the rotation of the seasons.
In Family Life, we are getting to know our classmates and peers by sharing All About Me projects.  We will learn the importance of families and how they influence who we are.