Class News

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We are very busy first grader
s!  Here is what we're working on:

In Reading, we are learning about the difference between fiction, nonfiction and poetry.  In this unit, we are exploring the features of each genre and using the features to gather information.  We are also reading across genres to grow our knowledge about a topic. 

In Writing Workshop, we are moving from using craft strategies in our small moment stories to writing All About Books.  We will be writing to teach our readers all about a topic that we know a lot about.  In addition, we will use different text features to help our readers learn more. 
In unit 8 of Math, we are learning about attributes of shapes, composing and decomposing composite shapes, and dividing shapes into halves and fourths.  We will also continue to practice telling and writing time, work with bar graphs, and use our understanding of place value and properties of operations to add and subtract larger numbers.  
In Science, we will learn about life cycles.  We will describe, sequence, and compare the life cycles of a butterfly, chicken, and frog.  Also, we will learn how the stages repeat from one generation to the next.  

In Family Life, we are learning about conflict resolution.  We are identifying conflicts and practicing what to do if we are in a conflict with a friend or family member.