Sixth Grade Immunizations
Meningococcal & Tdap Vaccines- 
Required for all sixth graders

Children born on or after January 1, 1997 and enrolled in Grade 6 beginning September 2008 are required to have a Meningococcal vaccine and Tdap vaccine (given no earlier than the 10th birthday). 
 Please check your child’s vaccination status. If you have a physician documented immunization record for either of these vaccines, please forward it to the Warren Point  health office. 

Forms have been sent home to all 5th grade students earlier this year. If you need the form, please click here: 6th Grade Immunizations

If your child does not have these vaccinations, we recommend you schedule an appointment in fifth grade, after their 10th birthday to ensure your sixth grade child is immunized before school opens in September.

Please note:  If we do not have this immunization documentation prior to the start of your child's sixth grade school year, your child may be denied entrance to school until these requirements are met.

 The CDC provides these brochures with information on these two vaccinations (click on the red name to download):
Meningococcal Vaccine Information
Tdap Vaccine Information

Para la información completa sobre Meningococcal y vacunas de Tdap:
Informacion sobre la vacuna antimeningococica
Informacion sobre la vacuna Tdap