Kindergarten Students

​We are happy to welcome your son or daughter into Kindergarten at Warren Point School. NJ Administrative Code citation 8:57-4.1 to 8:56-4.20 mandates that each student must meet certain requirements in order to attend school. All requirements MUST be completed and submitted before your child may attend classes.

**Click on the red headings to download the forms**

KINDERGARTEN WELCOME LETTER-Health Assessment Requirements-Please read first and submit the required information prior to entrance

Student Information Sheet
-this sheet MUST be completed and returned to the health office with your child's medical records 

Entrance Physical Exam-
this form must be based on an exam that was performed within one year of the first day of school. If your child has an exam scheduled during the summer months, please mail it to the school as soon as possible prior to the first day of school.

New Jersey Minimum Immunization Requirements- 
All incoming kindergarten students must provide a copy of required immunizations upon entry. If this requirement is not met, your child will not be allowed to begin kindergarten.

Mantoux (PPD) testing: this test may be required prior to entrance if your child was born in a country with a high incidence of tuberculosis

Vision Screening - it is strongly urged that your child have a complete eye examination by your family eye doctor if you have not done so already. This is not mandatory and may be done at your child's checkup.

Dental Exam Form - Please have your family dentist complete this form based on your child's last dental visit

Health Office Information Sheet-Warren Point Please read this sheet for important information regarding your child at Warren Point School