Kindergarten &Transfer Student Information & Forms
If your child will be attending kindergarten at (Forms 1-6) or transferring (Forms 1-4) to Warren Point School, there are certain state requirements for entrance. Please click on the title to download the documents that are needed and submit them to the health office within the time period specified. All kindergarten paperwork must be submitted by 8/31/17. 

1. Health Office Information for parents

2. Health Information Form-Please complete this information sheet about your child and return to the health office on their first day (remember to complete both pages) 
3. Physical Examination Form-Within thirty (30) days of entry every new student must have a current physical examination on file with the health office.  The exam must have been completed within 1 year of the date of the first day your child attends a Fair Lawn school. 

4.  Required Immunizations-
The New Jersey Administrative Code Citation 8:57-4.1 to 8:57-4.20 requires every student to be fully immunized unless she/he is exempted for medical or religious reasons. Proof of immunizations is required to be submitted to the health office.

If your child is transferring from another New Jersey school, complete immunization records MUST be provided upon or before entry to our school. Your child  will be denied entry without this documentation. If you are transferring from out of state or out of country, you have thirty (30) days to present these records to the nurse. 

The following are the immunization requirements for K-5 grades:

1. DTaP

K-1st grades-4 doses with one of these doses on or after the 4th birthday or any 5 doses
2nd-5th grades-3 doses
2. Polio
K-1st grades-a total of 3 doses with one of these doses given on or after the 4th birthday OR any 4 doses
2nd-5th grades-3 doses
3. MMR-2 doses 
4. Varicella-1 dose, documented laboratory evidence showing immunity, a physician's written statement or parent's written statement that the child previously had chickenpox 
5. Hepatitis B-3 doses given as per mandated intervals

5. Dental Examination 
6. Vision Examination

7.  Yellow Emergency Card-this must be given to the nurse on your child's first day of class. Please remember to contact the nurse to update it with any changes during the school year. It is very important that we are able to reach you in an emergency situation.
8. Mantoux testing
Students transferring from or born in certain countries with a high incidence of tuberculosis, as deemed by the state, will be required to have a Mantoux (PPD) skin test for tuberculosis prior to entrance.  You will be informed by the nurse if this test is necessary. 

Your child may be excluded if  health examination

& immunization requirements are not met

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s health, please contact me at 201-794-5570 x5130 or email me at