2019 Red/Blue Games

2019 Red/Blue Games
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Warren Point is very excited to announce the 2019 Red - Blue Games!

The Red - Blue Games will be held on June 4th in the morning.   Classroom teachers will divide their class into Red-Blue Teams.  The school will compete in 3-4 games for a total of 21 minutes outside in the morning. Classroom teachers will bring their class outside during their assigned time slot to compete.  A score will be kept and a winner will be announced.  Good luck to all!
In the afternoon the teachers and staff will play our 5th grade in our annual Kickball Game at 1:15 p.m.  All classes will be outside enjoying the game.
Below is the schedule of times classes will compete outside:
5th grade 8:50-9:11
4th grade 9:15-9:36
3rd grade 9:40-10:01
2nd grade 10:05-10:29
1st grade 10:35-11:01
K   11:05-11:26