4H Spalsh Squad

Splash Squad

Welcome to the 4-H Splash Squad!

 Today, we began working on the tank.  Mr. Hahn brought in some cycled water, we checked the salinity using a refractometer.   We also added the live sand and live rock that was donated by students, and got the filter going.  We are SUPER excited to get fish and coral!!!  To check the items or livestock we are still looking for, click here
egg   egg2
We began talking about the special things that go into the fish tank, and a big topic was the osmosis water.  In order to better understand osmosis, we used an egg.
 First we placed the egg in white vinegar to decalcify the shell and allow osmosis to occur.  After it soaked for 24 hours, we replaced the vinegar with water and let the egg sit in there for a week.  
We were amazed to see how big the egg had become!
 Today, we received, and opened our brand new fish tank! A HUGE Thank you to SR Aquaristik for the donation!
 Thank You Aquarisitk
 Next week, we hope to start the process of "cycling" the tank.  Watch these videos to learn a bit more about what cycling is: