Class News


With this new months brings a new student to our class!  Please join me in wishing Esther a warm Warren Point welcome!!  We are so lucky to have her join 4R!

    In math, we currently working through Unit 6 which involves division, measuring angles, and continuing our work with fractions. We are also constantly reviewing previously learned skills. Each day, the students will answer 3-5 questions reviewing skills that have been learned throughout the year. This is a great way to refresh their memories before the PARCC test without the stress of “test-prep”.

    In writing, we have recently finished working on a speculative story.  The children have worked on narrative writing, a written piece from their experience, and have now created a story from a prompt.  When you come in for your conference at the end of this month, you will be able to see their “Amy’s Letter” stories on our bulletin board! I will also be sharing their writing journals with you.  At times, they will also be bringing home their writing journals to practice writing. I hope you enjoy their stories and how their writing is becoming more developed!  We will practice the speculative and narrative writing several times a week throughout the remainder of the year.  We have also been working on answering questions about our reading during the school day during reading, and during homework.  This is becoming natural for the students.

    In reading, we have been working on navigating a larger text that is in a higher reading level.  The students are using the text features and structures to help them answer questions as well as delve deeper into analyzing characters, plot, theme and much more.  We have also been continuing to practice pulling citations from the text to answer questions.  These longer passages and higher reading leveled texts will help to build their schema.  We will continue to move between both fiction and non-fiction over the next several months to allow for more practice in all areas. Our reading skills are taught on an on-going basis throughout the year. This means that there will not be a “test-prep” unit before the PARCC as students are already well rounded in all skills and practice them each and every day. I am confident in their abilities and know that they will be well prepared.

    In social studies, we have finished working on our Revolutionary War Hero Project. I am thrilled with how the Glogsters came out and proud of all the student’s for all of the hard work that they put into this project!  Next, we will be moving into the United States Constitution.

    In science, we are wrapping up the light and heat unit and students will be taking a SMART Response test on Thursday. Beginning next week, we will begin our science pilot on ENERGY!  I am really looking forward to the exciting projects and experiments that the students will participate in.  In April, we will begin to practice some of the NJASK science type questions in preparation for the test in May.  

    Students will be taking the PARCC test in a few weeks.  In fourth grade, we do not place a heavy emphasis on “test prep”.  I am confident in the student's abilities and the skills they have learned throughout the year and we will continue to review a few questions in class each day.   My goal is to keep this as much of a stress-free experience for them as I can.

Please let me know if you ever need to talk to me.  You can email me at  Also, please remember to check the website for our homework and announcements each night.  The online password is P8HVQ.  Please feel free to order books through that means.  

    Happy (almost) Spring!

    Miss Ruehl & Mrs. D