Class News
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We are very excited to be reading a new genre: nonfiction!  The first graders are busy exploring and learning about new things.  We are learning about different features of nonfiction books and sharing information with our partners.  
In Writing Workshop, we are continuing our exploration of nonfiction by writing about nonfiction topics in our "How To" Unit.  In this unit, the children choose a topic they are knowledgeable about and write a procedural report that teaches someone how to do something!
In unit 6 of Math, we will work towards fluency with addition facts within 20 using the near-doubles and making-10 strategies.   We will also explore telling time using the hour hand only.  To extend our understanding of equivalence, we will use addition and subtraction facts to complete name collection boxes.  Lastly, we will apply our place value knowledge to make exchanges between pennies, dimes, and dollars.
In Science, we are studying the Earth, Sun, and Moon.  We will observe the Sun and Moon to understand and describe their predictable patterns.  These patterns include day and night, shadows, moon phases, movement of constellations, and the rotation of the seasons.