Class News

In Reading, we are learning about how readers use nonfiction books to learn about the world.  In this unit, we are exploring the difference between fiction and nonfiction text features.  We are also discovering how nonfiction books can make us wonder about new ideas and/or remind us of other topics we have read or seen.  In addition, our work with post-its is growing.  We are working on recording our wonderings, the author’s big ideas, and tricky words. 

In Writing Workshop, we are continuing our exploration of nonfiction by writing about nonfiction topics in our "How To" Unit.  In this unit, the children choose a topic they are knowledgeable about and write a procedural report that teaches someone how to do something! 

In unit 5 of Math, we are investigating place value concepts for tens and ones and exploring the addition of 2-digit numbers.  This unit extends the children's understanding of and proficiency with addition and subtraction.  We are also learning about relation symbols and exploring path measurement. 

In Family Life, we are getting to know our classmates and peers by sharing All About Me projects.  In addition, we are learning about how to stay healthy in the winter months.

In Social Studies, we are focusing on maps.  We will read, Me on the Map, by Joan Sweeney and practice reading maps to answer questions.  We will also learn about a compass rose, map key, and directions.