Class News

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Welcome to first grade!  We are very excited to start a new year together.  We have a fun filled year ahead!

In Reading Workshop, we are exploring the wonderful world of reading.  In Unit 1, we will be learning about what good readers do.  We will become a community of readers by building reading partnerships, discovering what people do as they read, noticing where reading is in the world around us, and sharing our thoughts and feelings about books.  

In Writing Workshop, we are becoming writers by recognizing and writing about small moments from our lives.  We are working on sketching and labeling our pictures and sounding out words the best we can.

In Math, we are reviewing basic number sense by establishing our daily calendar routine.  We set up routines with tally marks, counting on a number grid, comparing numbers, and tracking our weather.

In Family Life, we are getting to know our classmates and peers by sharing All About Me projects.  We will learn the importance of families and how they influence who we are.  We are also learning about the importance of keeping our bodies healthy by eating foods from different food groups.

In Social Studies we are getting to know our school community by touring our school and meeting new faces.  We are identifying members of our community and the goods and services that they provide.